Make Time or Lose Time–That Simple.

Today, I had a great epiphany. It occurred to me that maybe food addictions are real. Generally speaking, addictions are real. Sure there is scientific proof that you can be addicted to substances like drugs and such, so people that have those types of addictions, we never really question them; because we can scientifically validate them. But when the addiction comes in the form of other things such as sex, shopping, or something else, there’s not really much that we could use to support the theory that the addictions are not really as powerful as we give them credit.
Well, I realized today, maybe I just might have a food addiction. There is no particular food that I must have but certainly there are foods that I should definitely be avoiding. This is how I actually arrived at this conclusion. Here I am, battling breast cancer and I am still eating foods that I subconsciously know will negatively impact my health. It’s not that I mean to do it. I just want what I like. As a cancer patient going through chemotherapy, you learn that some things that you used to be able to eat, the body just doesn’t tolerate it at all anymore. For example, when I drink soda, it literally tastes like poison (if I had to imagine what poison tastes like). It literally burns my throat. One would think that this would deter me from drinking it or attempting to drink it. Not so! I wouldn’t necessarily say that I crave soda, but put given a choice of spring water or poison, I’m drinking the poison. I met with a dietician when I was first diagnosed. Let’s just say, I haven’t seen her again. I know exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. It just so happens that everything that I need to avoid, I like. Go figure.

It seems to be a simple thing, but whether we want to believe it or not, our health is directly impacted by what we put in our bodies. This is no secret. People know this. It’s not a great discovery. Nothing that I am saying is new. Now, it’s just personal. It’s not enough that I have to deal with cancer, but I am not helping to improve my overall health by eating and drinking things that I know are “bad.” I am well aware that the foods that we eat now are genetically modified; they contain additives and some of the ingredients may cause these addictions. The hormones, the sugars, the artificial sweeteners, they are all detrimental, yet these are the things that we like. It’s been said that you should always check the labels. If there is something in there that you can’t pronounce, it’s bad for you, avoid it. Who has time to do that? Who has time to do meal preps/planning using only fresh fruits and veggies that don’t have a GMO label? Who has time to grow their own produce? Who has the money or resources to always buy fresh produce? Well, the answer is simple, make time or lose time. You decide.
So all of that to say, I will definitely have to be more purposeful when it comes to my addiction. I need more time. I have babies who need their mommy. Most people are of the persuasion that once something is written down, it’s official. You become accountable. So here I am, writing the vision, making it plain. I have to eat to live. I need more time.