Backwards Fundamentals-1

I guess that you are wondering why I entitled this piece “Backwards Fundamentals.” Word Press so cleverly created a course for “first-time” bloggers or newbies. It’s pretty cool actually, especially if you need a little help or a little direction when getting started. The problem is, I started writing before I knew that this great tool existed, so I am going to go back and try some of their suggestions. This will help get me into the practice of writing more frequently and to increase the diversity of content on the site. If you decide to go through the “Learning the Fundamentals” course by WordPress, I have personally numbered them to correspond with the order of the days.
So, and I just realized that I grossly overuse this word as a transition. I must work on that. But anyway, the beginning of anything usually requires an introduction. I hate the idea of forced introductions. I guess that’s why I am just now getting to this blog. We all know how they play out: the first person gives their name, other information that is usually not relevant to anything and then people that follow tend to say the same thing, nothing more, and nothing less.

Who am I and why am I here?

On the surface, I am just a woman with stories to tell. I am here to share those stories. I am here to help someone, to let them know that they are not alone. I am here because I love to write. I have always wanted to become a published author and blogging will help me to get more focused. I am here to document. My writings are my photographs. This blog is not content specific in the sense that it will be all about one topic. There will be many things that I will write that I will have and things that I love.
I look forward to reading your responses and interacting with you while on this part of my journey in this thing called Life.